Friday, June 28, 2013

Review: Uraz Kurt - Hip Hip Uraz (Soulab)

Soulab returns to a full album by one of its latest new rotation artist, this time coming from Turkish producer Uraz Kurt.  This full length album is called  'Hip Hip Uraz' as it's very fair to say once you listen to the eighteen tracks featured in this interesting long player.  This album is definitely an arsenal of good grooves and songs, most of which are in Hip Hop and R'n'b sounds with a couple of house influenced here and there. If you want house listen to Beach Dance and Big Fun, this last cover version of Detroit's Inner City smash hit back in the eighties. Another cover version in this album is but this time in hip hop nu-soul grooves is 'Everybody Loves the Sunshine' and as in Big Fun singer Cagri Ultay does another amazing job. All I can say is to do not sleep on this because the Uraz Kurt's Hip Hip is an art of groove inspired  by past soul, funk, and new wave sounds produced and put together in a modern method.

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