Monday, September 30, 2013

Choices - September 2013

various artists - Four Seasons Vol.III (Got2Go Records)
A three track plus a remix extended player on this vinyl all in deep techno mood.  I like Kat Channel track titled Second Floor the most.

RescuePoetix - Raspberry Kisses, DJ Punch and Flip Entertainments Presents Baby Powder Goes Afro E.P (Cyberjamz)
Two other good releases this month from Cyberjamz.

Wbeeza - Perfect High / I Like It (PFly Music)
Nice release from London man Warren Brown also known as Wbeeza.  Disco soul influence.

Soul 223 - Fear of Stopping (Delusions of Grandeur)
Three track extended player plus an extra mix for the title release by Maxi Mill.  I like the deep dark and a bit techno Walberswick.

K-Alexi - The Dancer (K Klassik)
Some new remixes for this classic.  Straight to the deep and dark Glenn Underground remix.  Yes it is him!

Sroczynski -  Final Wielkiej Cioty Lars Behrenroth Edit (Deeper Shades Recording)
Deeper Shades Recordings continue to release very good one track releases.  This is the third in order coming in a couple months time.

Ralf Gum - Never, Sir LSG - All I Am (GOGO Music)
Two hot releases in a month from GOGO Music.  Ralf Gum continues to release single from his album inviting this time none the less then Louie Vega to remix duties.  Sir LSG new single is also hot and apart the interesting original features a good remix by DJ Spinna.

Pierre Santino - Wellness (Apparel Music)
A nice album from Santino all in a jazz mood influence.  I like the jazz full house Play This Shit.

Terence Parker - Why After All This (JD Records)
Three Chicago House classics from Terence Parker reworked for 2013.  This month JD Records from Spain also released a digital re-issue of Kenny Dixon Jnr aka Moodymann 1995 tune 'Emotional Content'.

various artists - Where It's At (Back To The Future Recordings)
Five different artist extended player.  Nasty Boy does another great job here, but also check the good straight deep track by Giuseppe Aiello.

Soul Fortune feat. Ronnie Canada - Missing You (Soulstar)
Original plus three versions by Hugo Giner, Suges and Italians Harley and Muscle.  I like the one by the Italian duet.

La Fleur - Nightflow EP (Watergate)
Kenny Larkin mix is the drama here.  Literally!

Leonid - Radar EP (Dolly)
Three track extended player all in instrumental flirting with techno deep house.  Take your pick.

Josh Milan - Honey Sweet E.P (Vega Records)
Nice three different track extended player from one half of the famous Blaze band.  If you like Afro-Latin sounds from New York take all three.

Anerah Yasole - Identification EP (Offering Recordings)
Another nice release from Offering Recordings in Afro House sounds.  Not to miss is surely the Lars Behrenroth amazing remix to Fazor Amor.

Ezel Featuring Tamara Wellons - Girl from Ipanema Justin Imperiale and Trinidadian Deep Remixes (Makin Moves)
Trinidadian Deep remix for me please.

various artists - Red Steam on Mars (Old Future Music)
A digital version of a vinyl release from this South Italian label.  Three tracks featuring Detroit man PirahnaHead.

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