Monday, December 23, 2013

DJ Set - Mix for Matt Pond Deep Systems Show on December 2013

Was an honor to be invited to do a mix for Matt Pond Deep System show this Monday.  Matt Pond Deep Systems show airs every Monday fortnight on and is an inspirational sound journey. This is the recorded mix enjoy.
Playlist for the Mix:
Lady Blacktronica - Feel Nothing (Little Angel Records) V
Nasty Boy - Fall Out (Old Future Music) T
Joe Drive - Tefnut (4Lux Black) V
Jus Ed - All I Want To Do 'Part 2' (Underground Quality) T
Owen Jay and Melchior Sultana - Oceanic 'Original' (Minuendo Recordings) T
Fred P - Come This Far 'Reprise' (Soul People Music) T
The Machine - Leopard Skin 'Joe Claussell Re-Interpretation' (Pyramids of Mars) T
Trinidadian Deep - Olofin Santos 'Album' (Afro Sun Recordings) V
Marcello Napelotano - And Now A Grace's Grass Joint (What Ever Not) V
Marcellus Pittman - T.O.M. 'Project Mix' (Sound Signature) T
Marco Nega - Voodub 'Sumbody is Missin' (Batti Batti) T
Nick Jones Experience - Nick's Theme 'Nite Grooves CLub Mix' (Nite Grooves) T
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