Monday, December 20, 2010

Review: Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana - Memories of you ep. (Underground Quality UQ-036)

After very good and well received releases on his 2009 founded BattiBatti digital label as The Early Light EP here solo, Way of Life, and the down tempo 5 AM featured on the four tracker EP1, Owen Jay and Melchior Sultana follow all this with the vinyl released Memories of You EP. This four track extended player is released on Jus-Ed very highly regarded Underground Quality record label from New York, which with this release is now at catalogue number 36. All instrumental, Memories of You EP four tracks all have a time span between the six and seven minutes mark. The longest track is the seven seconds short to seven minutes Days Gone By. Owen and Melchior start the dances with the deep, romantic mellow pad driven but groovy title giving "Memories of You". The second track "Days Gone By" is a very Detroit groove European sounds influenced track which starts mellow gets to a hypnotic build up, goes down back to deep, and takes you back to hypnotism with a repetitive sample coming in, low and high. Track number three "Forever" has a very Latin live instrumental feel to it, with a lovely groove that is perfect for the lounge or set build up moments. The last track "Reach" has an uplifting tribal groove, but after a couple of minutes shows its deep nature of hypnotism which takes you in another dimension. Memories of You EP is only released on vinyl and Owen Jay should follow it with another second vinyl release on UQ scheduled for the coming Summer.

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